Arista Poly Bags: The Best In The Plastic Packaging Industry

From retail businesses to health care to food and beverages and more, polythene bags are a need of every business. Made of polyethylene material that is reshaped and remodeled (through the heat-sealing process) to create a bag, these poly bags keep the products safe from dust, moisture, and dirt.

So, a commodity packed in a polybag will be safe from external elements during shipping, storage, and more. Created in 1965 in Sweden, the use of high-density poly bags expanded to every field of life globally by 1980s. In 1990s, plastic bags had captured 80% of the retail market. In 2018, the poly bag industry was estimated to be worth around 22.2 billion by 2020.

Today, most retailers and businesses use poly bags for packaging and storing items.

However, not all the poly bags are created equal.

Yes, that is right. A polybag will only add value to your business if it is of high quality and available at the right price. After all, a business requires a bulk poly bags purchase.

Meet The Leaders In The Company, Meet Arista Poly Bag International

For acquiring the best designs, material quality, and reliable services for your business, you must turn towards trusted polybag manufacturers. Arista Poly Bag is a leading manufacturing company in the polybag industry with 20 years of expertise and hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide. Being the plastic packaging industry leader, Arista is known to provide the highest quality custom designed and printed poly bags with unparalleled pouching and converting experience at incredibly affordable rates.

With a strong dedication to sustainability, Arista is capable of producing an array of innovative packaging styles, including stand-up pouches, plastic shopping bags, paper-plastic packaging, cloth packaging, and rollover films, and even gives the option of label printing.  

Arista Poly Bags manufacturing highlights include:

  • § Internationally compliant designing and manufacturing process.

  • § Numerous materials to choose from.

  • § Strategic consultation for a company bag's physical, functional, and promotional uses.

  • § The lamination and coating technique uses the best composite membrane protection, including PE, PET, OPP, and CPP.

  • § Arista uses the latest, super fast printers that print not 1 but 10 colors with sharp and accurate images.

  • § Guaranteed customer satisfaction at an affordable price range.

  • § Design customized poly bags that befit your business with an active in-house team of designers.

  • § Vertical control from the purchase of raw material to production.