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How to choose packaging bags for small snacks?

What is the most abundant on supermarket shelves? Naturally, there are snacks and snacks. Not only are there many types of snacks at the same time, but the packaging of snacks is also all-encompassing, with all kinds of styles and materials. All-inclusive. However, as small food packaging bags, most of them still use plastic packaging bags. Plastic packaging bags are lightweight, moisture-proof, and have good printing effects. They are the best choice for small food packaging bags.

It is generally recommended to use high-temperature-resistant and reportable materials for cooked foods such as dried meat and tofu because this kind of food requires high-temperature sterilization, and the outer packaging bag must be capable of high-temperature sterilization. Arista Packaging has unique high-temperature cooking materials, and factory inspections ensure that high-temperature resistance meets the standard. Can effectively extend the shelf life of goods. At the same time, this kind of food can also be packed in vacuum packaging bags.

Biscuits can choose plastic packaging bags with inner packaging boxes. Because biscuits are relatively fragile and have a certain weight, they are not suitable for inflatable packaging bags. It is best to choose two-layer packaging, that is, the inner layer is a box and the outer layer is a plastic packaging bag. Some biscuit foods are strong enough, and plastic packaging bags can be used directly.

It is recommended to use strip packaging bags for food with a very small weight. This packaging bag is packaged in the form of roll film, such as honey strip packaging bags, coffee strip packaging bags, spice packaging bags, etc., at the same time in powder form Pay attention to the anti-static treatment of the food and seasoning products. There are many kinds of materials of Arista Packaging bag roll film, which you can choose according to the characteristics of your product.

Nuts food can choose self-supporting zipper packaging bags, composite PE packaging bags, or aluminum foil packaging bags on the material, considering that nut foods are generally not eaten at one time, so nut food packaging bags should be reusable and convenient save. Self-supporting zipper bags are a very good choice.

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