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How to continue to survive in the nuts industry with declining profits?

Did you know nuts are one of the leading snack foods in this country? With $1.52 billion in annual consumer retail sales, the market is expected to continue to grow. Nuts products belong to the health sector, their high-end brands have great potential, and the snacks nuts industry is growing. Consumers' and brand awareness of nuts is relatively low, so it is expected that growth in the future will continue to support the industry. However, over time, market competition has increased, leading to weak profits for each company. To survive in this situation.

The demand for nuts in North America is growing. Due to this expansion, more businesses and manufacturers are entering this booming market to generate profit. However, increased competition and declining profits have dampened the mood of many. The solution: improved manufacturing and business strategies.

The high season for the Nuts industry in the nut business is from around October to March, and the price of nut products during this period is relatively high. For example, in October 2016, the domestic price of cashew was 61.03 yuan/kg, which rose 3% year on year, in December 2016 prices peaked up to 72.39 yuan/kg. In the face of increasing prices of raw materials and low labor costs, nuts manufacturers in this period should first pay attention to the quality of nuts. Nuts are not a big agricultural industry, unlike wheat, corn, and so on. But the average cost of nuts is more than 70%. As long as the profit from the production of nuts remains no less than 10%, and then bring them into such a large market. Today, the U.S. nuts industry has witnessed a gradual decline in profit rates as well as domestic nut production capacity, both of which have been a source of concern for nuts manufacturers in this region over the past two decades. Despite persistent efforts to resolve these issues, North America’s nut manufacturing industry has not been able to gain back the competitive strength it enjoyed in 1990. The fact that North America exports virtually the same amount of nut products today as it did in 1990 despite having nearly twice the population and a 25% larger economy (inflation-adjusted) shows that the sector is not delivering on its business potential.

The current spread of infectious disease COVID-19 has caused great losses in the sales of nuts. The decline in sales was sharp, and the manufacturers were worried about the continuation of the industry. Therefore, they started to think about online marketing as a way to tide over and survive this difficult period, promoting their brands on various online shopping channels to increase brand awareness. The best and the most cost-effective choice for nuts manufacturers now is online and offline joint marketing. This way, they can realize integrated supply chain management. And they can promote different types of nuts and nut products online to satisfy the diversified demands of consumers.

Industry insiders said that nut packaging is now becoming the focus of the marketing strategy of nut companies. In the nuts industry, consumers have a very short shelf life for raw nuts. It is necessary to maintain and preserve raw nuts through proper packaging and storage. If you use poor quality packaging and storage to process raw nuts, it will not only reduce the value of these products but also affect your brand's sales. That's why we should choose suitable nut packaging. Packaging is just as important in nuts as it is in any packaged food. And, yes, packaging can make or break a business. In any case, the price of nuts does affect the price of packing which directly affects the quality and shelf life of nuts.

Nuts, such as cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts have high demands for packaging. The packaging can make it convenient for the end-users to buy and use nuts. The package also can play a role in protecting the quality of the nuts. There are three major aspects you should focus on when you need to purchase nut products. These areas include quality of the package, product safety, and efficiency of packaging. It is important that you find a suitable packaging supplier who has those three aspects combine. When you are trying to find a packaging manufacturer who could meet all these requirements, it is better to search online as there are many things you can learn online. Because nuts have high requirements for packaging, it is not easy to find a trustworthy nut manufacturer. If you are looking for a suitable nut packaging manufacturer, Arista packaging is your best choice. Arista packaging also gives you some suggestions for choosing the right one.

Arista Packaging is an industry-leading packaging manufacturer with rich experience in nut packaging, and it is undoubtedly the best choice for nut manufacturers. Arista has always been committed to serving you better by offering high-quality products and professional, efficient services, just as well as complying with all relevant regulatory requirements. We work closely with you to develop an innovative solution for your needs. Let’s start outstanding cooperation!

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