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Several reasons why roll stock film is the first choice for food packaging

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Packaging plays an important role in the life cycle of food. For a long time, the food packaging industry has served customers with high-quality products and services for food packaging, and food manufacturers are very concerned about their food products, especially healthy and nutritious products and so on, high-quality packaging plays an important role in improving sales of products. In the field of packaging design, there has been a lot of packaging material development and application, for example, paperboard packaging, plastic food containers, shrink film packaging, aluminum food trays, and so on. All these packaging materials are made from different raw materials and with different production technology. There are many advantages and disadvantages in them therefore it is very important for manufacturers to choose proper packaging material according to their production process. Rollstock film is the ideal food packaging solution for manufacturers that combines food-grade material with advanced production technology. The followings are why roll stock film is the excellent food packing choice.

First of all, roll stock films have good airtightness, can preserve food well, and can extend the shelf life of food. Food can be packaged in a roll stock film which is also used for food packaging, such as spinach, eggs, meat, juice, and so on. These films have good airtightness and can preserve the freshness of foods.

The roll stock film has different materials, such as LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, CPP, and so on. The personalized specification is the prime demand of consumers to food packaging. With roll stock films, it is easy to customize the films to meet individual requirements, such as the material, thickness, and width of the films, coating, and edible ink. The number of sublimation colors can reach up to six or seven. There are no display marks on the products if they adopt high-definition technology and equipment.

In comparison to the original laminating packing bags, roll stock film is relatively cheap. Food package manufacturers can save a lot of money by using roll stock film to manufacture food packs. Additionally, through the innovative technology in use nowadays, roll stock film is easier to produce than laminated films. This means the fewer amount of employees and a bigger output for the same amount of effort. As long as food manufacturers have a packaging bag-making machine, they can use roll stock film to produce food packaging bags in large quantities.

It’s not easy for food manufacturers to find high-quality roll stock, film producers. This requires packaging manufacturers to have mature production technology. Otherwise, poor quality and performance may lead to loss of customers. Manufacturers need to have the best technology because only the most advanced roll stock film can offer long-lasting durability and strength. Choosing a high-quality roll stock film for your next food packaging project is crucial to your success.

As a leading roll stock film supplier and manufacturer, Arista Packaging specializes in producing the best food-grade PVC films that are used for packaging food. Our experienced employees can manufacture film with standard or heavyweight to meet your needs. When it comes to food packaging, Arista Packaging ensures the safety and quality of your food with a multitude of materials and rigid QC Testing. Our customers range from small business owners to large corporations. We ensure a long-term relationship with you as our customer because we know how important it is to keep your food safe, while still protecting the bottom line. We make roll stock films with your product in mind. We specialize in manufacturing food-grade films used for several food packaging applications. With so many options, we are happy to help you find the right one.

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