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Strategic Analysis of Coffee Marketing in the New Situation

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Coffee is the most widely used beverage in the world. Coffee, which is very popular in many regions, has a broad market. But the market has gradually shrunk due to the emergence of other beverages in recent years. Although the industry still has infinite space for development, the sales volume of traditional coffee products in the market is declining. The new situation of the market is facing the change of consumers' buying method, consumption values, and lifestyles. To adapt to the new situation, coffee marketing should be consumer-oriented, based on the market demand to develop a marketing strategy that adapts to a changing situation. Otherwise, it may go wrong.

Coffee marketing under the new situation first needs to establish its own brand culture so that consumers can feel different brand concepts. Brand culture refers to the collection perceptions of consumer, which is created through communication strategy and social marketing of the brand. To establish a brand culture, it must be strong in the operation and communication with its employees. To build brand image, establish a brand culture and motivate consumers to loyalty, the coffee industry should fully express its characteristics of coffee in its marketing strategies, actively and constantly improve the development of brand culture, respect market needs, and practice values of sincerity and passion. Meanwhile, it also needs to fully tap into the international resources of the beverage industry.

Coffee marketing under the new situation should be "experiential marketing. To diversify the functions of the cafe." Coffee marketing should no longer be just about advertising promotional activities, and it is also no longer confined to offline promotions and events. Now, it is necessary to provide "fun" to attract the attention of consumers who pay more attention to their own experience (individual feeling). Coffee can be supplemented in life, and coffee behaviors are inherent to people. Coffee sits quietly in life, know the requirements of consumers, and meet the emotional needs of consumers. For example, a cup of coffee can relieve fatigue, with a cup of coffee can into leisurely entertainment. To strengthen the visibility of the brand, strengthen the position of coffee as an indispensable component of life, build a group of loyal users. To promote long-term sustainable development.

Coffee marketing in the new situation should make better use of the Internet and realize the market potential of take-out coffee. Everybody knows that China is a later blooming market in comparison with Western countries. But the recent decade has witnessed an explosive growth in sales revenue for coffee marketing in China. Because the Chinese market for take-out coffee has a large potential. The proportion of Chinese coffee consumers who made their first contact with take-out coffee by drinking coffee on the go instead of at home reached 41.3% in 2015. And the proportion of Chinese coffee consumers who never drank take-out coffee reached 32.7%. In recent years, Internet platforms have become popular channels through which consumers seek information about products and services. This gives opportunities to firms in various industries to use the Internet to provide customers with information and new experiences about their products and services. Coffee marketing under the new situation should make better use of the Internet and recognize the market potential of take-out coffee.

It is common knowledge that the packaging of a commodity is an important channel for its marketing. The packaging of coffee has always been distinctive. Coffee packaging plays the dual role of bringing customers and enhancing the brand value of coffee. Good packaging is the best form of advertisement. It enables you to sell your product at a higher price in the market when done right. The kind of style and design that it has is what can tell people about your brand in an instant. If it has an attractive design, then there will be more people buying your products. The well-designed packaging makes coffee more popular because people want to buy coffee that tastes good as well as looks good on their countertops - take the example of Starbucks. Making things look good should be always on top of your priority list even if it means you sell less! Coffee packaging should be delicate and fashionable, novel, special and elegant with a human touch to reflect the natural charm of coffee seeds. Coffee packaging has distinctive advantages similar to fruit packaging but also has characteristics such as fragile color and flavor, etc., which requires careful design and selection of packaging methods. These can be handed over to packaging manufacturers to complete, but finding a mature, professional, innovative packaging company is very difficult.

Arista Packaging is a packaging manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and has extensive experience in the design and production of coffee packaging. Our company has established stable and friendly cooperative relationships with global leading coffee companies, trading companies, import and export trading companies. We are one of China's leading coffee packaging manufacturers. Our factory has a professional R&D team. Based on their years of packaged coffee packaging experience, we have researched and developed new products to meet the needs of the market. Put forward a series of sophisticated packaging products that perfectly meet international standards. To meet the changing needs of the customer, Arista Packaging will continue with "Customer First, Everyone Wins" beliefs to provide clients with reliable and stable packaging products.

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