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Basic of Flexo Printing

Flexo typically utilizes a polymer or elastomer image carrier. This could be a:




The image carrier is engraved to create the raised design of the final desired print. Ink is then transferred from the inkwell via an anilox roller onto the image carrier, where it is then printed onto the substrate.

Flexo printing is more commonly associated with uses in flexible plastics and other non-porous materials such as film, labels, foil, and other packaging.

Flexo is noted for producing exemplary print with fine line and text detail.

  • Inks have low viscosity(Dry quickly)

  • Wide range of inks

  • More flexible and diverse

  • Moderate pricing


Basic of Gravure Printing

The rotogravure printing process (commonly shortened to gravure) is a method of intaglio printing. Gravure printing works by applying ink to a substrate with the use of a metal plate that is typically mounted onto a cylinder. This plate is often made of copper or chrome.


The image or text that is intended for printing is typically laser etched into said metal plate, a process that often delivers high quality and precise results with good repeatability.

  • High Quality Outcome

  • High Minimum Order Quantity

  • Up to 10 colors per job

  • Cost Effective

  • Fastest Production Speed

Gravure Rotary_edited.jpg

Basic of Digital Printing

Digital printing, or Inkjet printing is when a digital image is transferred to the printing surface by applying toner to it directly. Think of a big fancy printer in your office.

  • Often very expensive

  • Slow production speed

  • Low minimum


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