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When talking about suststainability, it is inevitable to introduce one of the mostst common packaging

solution to suststainable packaging - biodegradable.

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Our solution to biodegradeable

Arista Packaging is driven by integrity and value to preserve a sustainable environment for our own planet - the unique world we are living in. As a packaging processor, we strive to create recyclable products, utilize environmentally friendly packaging formula, and seek out new ways to improve our consumptions in packaging products. As a leader throughout the whole industry, we envision our production standard to be cleaner and greener. We dive into every length to make sure every part of our process meets the standard.

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Our Solution to recyclable Packaging

The resin coding system was originally intended for rigid plastic containers only. However, many manufacturers put the code on plastic films too. If no resin code is printed on the plastic film or bag, the film’s application may indicate the resin type since different resins are chosen for their unique performance or observe the film’s characteristics and appearance

BioDegradable Or Recyclble

Biodegradable takes a bit part in contributing towards sustainability. However, the most efficient and common way to make our environment suffer less is to utilize recyclable materials. At Arista Packaging, nearly all of our formulas or solutions are at least, recyclable. The most common formula we are using such as PE,PA,PET, and nylon are in nature to be recyclable. Here is a list of pros and cons of recyclable solution.

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