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Research on the Development Strategy of Tea Marketing in the Future

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Tea is a popular beverage in the world in recent years. Its consumption has been growing rapidly. Meanwhile, sales channels of tea have also been constantly developing, and it has formed a diverse distribution network. At present, both domestic and international markets are introducing policies to strengthen their green tea trading environment, thus playing a larger role in promoting the development of the tea market. From the perspective of research, it is urgent now to have the development strategy of tea marketing in the future.

Tea marketing first of all from the beginning of the marketing culture, tea producers should have their own tea culture. Tea culture as a brand, embody the characteristics and connotation of a cup of tea is not only for people to enjoy tea at home and outside, but also reflect the enterprise's production concept. These characteristics include flavor, aroma taste, cultural connotation, health care, and other attributes. Tea culture is now becoming a popular product attribute and a major force in marketing. Tea marketing is the product of traditional tea culture and local market situation. The development of tea marketing depends on tea producers’ own tea culture, level of socialization and concentration, and the ability to reach consumers with the message. Tea marketing is the product of traditional culture and market environment. What marketing requires most is the establishment of a spiritual state, namely the achievement of "relaxed control"; only by deepening understanding, grasping the origin of the soul can he produce different products; only by clinging to his purpose, can he create a different market; only by upholding his belief, will he be able to secure a different destiny in China tea leaf industry. In summary, it must establish its own tea culture first.

Developing a brand for tea is the key to tea marketing. With a brand, the product quality and popularity can be guaranteed. And with high quality and popularity buyers will have a better notion of it. It is easier for tea products to get into people’s long-term remembrance and affect their drinking habits. Tea is an agricultural product that includes tea and some food additives. However, its brand marketing has not been formed as an industry and many tea brands are not popular among consumers. The future development trend of tea marketing should move from commodity marketing to brand marketing, and the key is to form good reputations for tea brands.

Tea marketing is experiencing increasing pressure from the green and healthy movement as well as the global environmental protection trend. The market value of the tea industry in 2009 was 52 billion Yuan, contributing 11 to 12 percent of the total retail sales of FMCG products, among which Oolong tea contributed 30.4 percent of tea retail, ranking fourth in retail sales among all kinds of tea. Accordingly, it is expected to have a huge market prospect in the future for carrying out green sales to convey green, healthy, and environmental product attitudes to customers based on the current situation of domestic market demand for tea, it should put forward a green sales model so that consumers can have the feeling of green consumption. Therefore, tea marketers must consider whether they should develop a platform to achieve green sales or set up a special organization to promote green sales.

Event marketing of tea culture, such as tea ceremony, tea appreciation, is one of the ways to spread the knowledge of tea. It has a good effect on the popularity. In n future, tea marketing should apply the combination of event marketing and traditional marketing. Event marketing is good for promoting products in time-limited activities, and traditional marketing serves as a form of publicity for non-time-limited exposure. So it’s a good idea to apply the two to get more people involved in the marketing activities soon.

Tea packaging is one of the important aspects that affect tea marketing. Tea packaging has a big impact on the tea market since it is the first to be seen by consumers. The tea packaging design should be featured with good quality printing and fine engraving to cater to the tastes of the customers. Custom tea boxes allow you to offer customers a delightful sense while shopping and attract them to buy your tea products repeatedly. Due to the particularity of tea, it inevitably needs personalized packaging. Because of the low cost and many choices, a customized product will make your tea more attractive to customers. However, choosing an excellent packaging manufacturer is not easy.

Arista Packaging has been experienced in processing tea bags for more than two decades, and we have a complete tea bag solution. We design, manufacture, and print customized bags for any company, organization, or individual. Furthermore, our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the field as we are experts on the topic. Our advice will help you come up with a design that will greatly enhance the image of your products, services, or simply your brand and as a result, help you increase sales.

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